Lisa Thiele - @withstylegrace

2012-07-13 02:33

Only thing I can stomach right now. #pregnancy

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@allie_studio28 you're so lucky! There's only a handful of foods I'll eat (or will stay down). Enjoy & congrats again!

Yumm! I haven't had that since I was a kid!

Ugh you poor thing! I had hypermesis (is that what you've got?) throughout my pregnancy. Cold things (like ice) and strawberrys were fail safe! And I had heartburn from 7 wks onwards even though I didn't keep anything down for the first month. I know in Australia it's called Zantac, it works wonders for heartburn and assume it's help with reflux. Have you seen your doc for something, they can prescribe or recommend you something safe. Gosh I hope your feeling better soon and/or this pregnancy just flies he he

Oh no :( looks pretty yummy though!

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