Lisa Thiele - @withstylegrace

2012-06-18 04:54

I just wanted fries until they told me they have gluten-free buns. I love you #Portland

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It's the best! Have you had their milkshakes? The boysenberry is the best!

Oh Burgerville. Got me thru all 3 of my pregnancies ; )

You should go to Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl for GF food or try Dick's kitchen on

NW 21st. They have the best food!

@caitlinflemming I got a vanilla milkshake, looks like we'll have to go back to try the boysenberry :)

@kaleigh_powell yes, we've already been to Deschutes, which was amazing & have a lunch meeting at Dicks later this week - loving all the options here!

@fawnandforest its definitely going to get my thru the next 19 weeks!

You should talk to @suburbansavage about some other great places... Awesome GF Pizza, but I can't remember the place though

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