Wendy Nguyen - @wendyslookbook

2012-06-01 20:02

{blog post} more pictures on www.wendyslookbook.com

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I have this bag ...black... So beautiful...

I have that Bcbg Generation skirt! Love it! @wendyslookbook

@wendyslookbook wendy i absolutely love your style. You have inspired me so much... And love the skirt!!

All the pic is cute and wow but I will be tired if I put like to all hhhhhh, I like your style so much @,@

@wendyslookbook I have this skirt!!! I have not worn it since I don't know how yet!!! Yayyy! What an inspiration :-) thanks Wendy :-)

Nice outfit and amazing Celine bag

@carinacandela la tuya👆

beautiful céline!!!

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