Vino 🔰 - @vinooo

2012-06-10 04:46

#honda #civic #civicsi #8thgen #8thcivic #si #fa5 #slammed #foglight #HIDs #sidemarker #night

@vinooo I forgot that year doesn't come with them stock.. Which route do you think I should go? I'm thinking about tinting them but I'm sure it would look ghetto after awhile

@dmartinez4576 If you want yellow then replace the bulbs or get HIDs then you don't have to tint :)

@vinooo good call, got a carbon fiber mugen RR wing coming in along with the tail lights! Can't wait to put them on, the only issue is finding the time

@vinooo for a second I though you took this picture while driving then I notice you wasn't moving at all haha.

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