2012-06-07 20:39

I miss Freddy 👆. #studentlife#neurology#class#tbt


Do you miss our neuro class?! LOL! 😖

@inaa_nutshell christina!!! Didn't knw u had IG!! I just miss the brain and larynx formaldehyde jars 😝 tests and quizzes I can do without. And I miss u too!!

Miss you too, girlie! Should seriously hang out whenever I go up to visit. Better yet, come to LA!!

F yea! If i do well at unique sf, i might just do unique la later this yr. will def let u knw ;)


@chuckdaddy23 lol dessert was a larynx

Lol I do not miss stressing about Flo's Neuro exams @turosum

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