pete kim - @transitionpete

2012-06-08 12:51

droppin' the kid off for her last day of 3rd grade!

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@meccajames @this_is_all_worth_it wow why you gotta be soooo mean meccajames, and the other kid this_is_all_worth_it has a contradicting name and profile pic, whats with that? You should change it to something lik: I have nothing to do but troll: yep

@meccajames @this_is_all_worth_it why do you follow anyone if all you're going to post negative things on their pages? It's pretty ridiculous that a grown person feels the need to not only think but post something so negative about a child- especially a pretty little girl with such a beautiful smile. If you don't have something nice to say there's no point in posting and if all you want to do is post RUDE unintelligible things then you don't deserve to post use apps or sites like this, you're abusing the idea of a social network. I recommend calling a shrink, apparently y'all have some deep inner problems that need some solving. Who does that? @transitionpete I'm so sorry you have such mean and disrespectful followers, I think she's beautiful and I ADORE the gorgeous photos of your beautiful family and life, so real and refreshing to see such a happy family.

Wow i thought she 5 or6 grade.... And dont let anybody tell you sonething that might hurt your feelings.your beautiful and dont ever froget that

#tp_500 #tp_ohSusanna #tp_mykids

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