Jeanette Swatchaholic - @theswatchaholic

2012-05-30 14:14
X-Pro II

❤ Yes.. after beeinf more than sceptical at first I now love it.

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I looooove this BBC show. I was sooo sceptical at first because Sherlock looks kinda creepy but the movies are fantastic. Or episodes. It's a series but the three episodes each season are more like movies. :)

@theswatchaholic just added this to Netflix because it looked promising. Now I'm definitely intrigued.

That show is amazing!!!!! I just bought the second season myself!

Once you get over the actor it's AWESOME ;)

@theswatchaholic I AM ONE OF THE BIGGEST SHERLOCK FANS EVER Benedict<3Cumberbatch x

Smart is the new sexy. :)

Ben IS creepy, but in a hot way :)

Oh, my goodness...I cannot adequately describe my love for this program. I love Sherlock Holmes, and this adaptation reintroduced me to the wonderful stories. I'm so glad that you enjoy it! #Sherlock

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