Toya - @thelimericklane

2012-06-15 01:31

The smaller version of me. I will get back into child sizes real soon. Lol. #throwbackthursday #tbt

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You can do it just stay focused an you will be at your goal in no time...i see do many lovely ladies on here an their blogs transforming right before my eyes an you shall be one sweetie!

Ol Skool!!

@bigsistagorgeousone Who? I'd love to follow for inspiration. 😊

Brittany at Iambeautifulbcole an beautifulkendra ive been following these ladies blog,fb an instagram an their very inspirational there are others but these ladies are my fav hope this help!

Oh beautifulkendra has a youtube no blog!

@bigsistagorgeousone Thank you!!!!!! I really appreciate this.

Your so welcome!

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