Robert Scoble - @scobleizer

2012-05-28 00:59

My idea of a good shopping experience!

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@scobleizer I do this with my iPhone, my iPad is a bit big to carry around.

Not gonna lie, i have been known to order from the nordstrom website while in the store for in store pickup... Customer service there is not always up to par and claim they dont have things in stock when they do

I think every store should have what I call a widow's corner. I would have no issue with my husband doing this. I would love it if CompUSA had a little sitting area like this for me to hangout in while he looked around.

If Nordy's had a little cafe area serving Blue Bottle with wifi, I can only imagine the damage my wife could do while I settled in for hours...

Location: Nerdstrom - fixed that for ya 😉

I get what everyone is saying about needing a spot for men to park while women shop. But here's a novel idea: women shopping while men go and do something completely different!

@krystyl thats bad would be a good case study

I would just go there to work Robert!

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