Kate - @colourmekate

2012-06-09 23:43

@heylisawarren @oohmystars thank you :-)

@melbourneepicure No, I have been toying with the idea, but the reasons I had for stopping haven't gone anywhere. I do miss the writing and having an outlet though. Maybe when things have settled a bit more, and I have adjusted to the time it takes for all the therapy and doctors appointments for my boy

@neesay I stopped blogging a few months ago (not sure how many?) for a number of reasons, and the website has just come down as I decided not to continue paying for the hosting

I rather do too! @ubersimplicity

Lovely name! Lovely your still around in some form if not your blog. 😄

That should've been "you're".

@colourmekate sorry to hear that. Have not been keeping up with my reader of late (obviously!) All the best on the home front & I love the new handle x

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