Kate - @colourmekate

2012-05-20 05:58

Did well this week. This week's shop for a family of seven $137.00!

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Whattttt?!?! Where???

This is a slightly cheaper shop than normal. Average most weeks is $150 to dearest weeks $200. I meal plan, in that I work out what meals we will have for the week and what ingredients I need for them. We don't eat junk food, drink soft drinks or eat very much processed foods. We make most foods from scratch. We don't have meat every night and eat the cheaper cuts when we do. Buy in bulk the things we use regularly when they are on special and I do the majority of the shop at Aldi which I find much cheaper than the other supermarkets @mumma_drogi @alittlehouseofchaos @lovelylivingau @tinkerlab

@mummyissuesp2 @waituntilthesunset

And I can make anything a masterpiece ( in the background you can hear the town crier "tickets, tickets anyone")

Btw you can't beat chicken marylands at $1.79 a kilo and @ that price you buy 10 kilos

@mumma_drogi this is for a week. We don't have the fridge or cupboard space to shop fortnightly. If you're spending $320 fortnightly that is pretty damn good too!

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