Penny Skateboards - @pennyskateboards

2012-06-19 06:11

Our dash buddies are multiplying... #vivavacation

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You guys Shouldove come down to Miami

@pennyskateboards ayye in sd! I see lol padres suck!

San diego padres

While you guys are here in southern Cali you guys just HAVE to try Busy Bee's sandwiches in San Pedro, but you guys MUST try Pink's Hot dogs in West Hollywood. Pink's Hot dogs is a famous local spot that is totally worth it guys, trust. Might as well eat while you're here haha

Come down to Dallas!!! please!!!

@groovybubbles thanks for all the local knowledge! The penny boys love too eat

@pennyskateboards no problem man! Just a warning, Pink's Hot Dogs are know for their long lines as well! But in my opinion, worth it.

Come to oxnard

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