pam garrison - @pamgarrison

2012-07-14 15:33

My journals ready for class today

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@sosobellatoo all these are handmade, I bind watercolor paper into hard covers

@sosobellatoo and thanks!!

@pamgarrison where do you teach? And when is your next class??

@ @nico13 all different places- next teaching in solving with painter Jennifer Mercede- info on my blog

@xsannedenise thank you!!!

@xsannedenise I live in southern california- is that what you mean?

@xsannedenise no worries, your English was perfect :), hello from the U.S.!!!

@xsannedenise yes, these are some of my art journals. When I teach, I bring them so students can look through them. I hand bound them all, I don't buy journals, but make them.

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