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2012-06-15 18:34

Trying to lean how to use embossing powder today. So far, not so good!

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I've heard it's all about the embossing pad, it has to be very evenly sticky. So I threw mine out & bought new.

It befuddles me too....

I use a versamark pad. Also try re-inking it every couple months. Oh and make sure your stamp is super inky. :) good luck!

which powders are you using? I used the off-brand fr Michaels and it was horrible. AC Zing! all the way for me.

@rdvelvet @listgirl I'm using Emboss stamp pad & Zing powder. Maybe I should get a new pad?

@ohmandee try a different pad. Of all the ones I have tried Versamark has been the most consistent. I also stamp on a hard surface and tap the backside of the paper really well before embossing.

Like @rdvelvet I use versamark & have good luck with it. It looks like you might not be getting good ink coverage?

@adamihasegawa I'll give that a try! Thanks!

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