NoBiggie | Kami Bigler - @nobiggie

2012-06-09 06:07

"swipe, swipe, swipe...on you" -thebiebs #haha #summer2012

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I do not approve of this gram...

@jetsetcarina he always gets us with the "...". :)

Josh (husband) said "I could be your Buzz Lightyear" the other day & I about died. Julia hates that song so I blast it and sing it as high as I can with the windows down. So fun that she's embarrassed of me already. My current fave is "Die In Your Arms." 😉

@30daysblog so funny!!

@nobiggie I Love JB! This song had to grow on me though...

We are all over it...nothin better than a little beiber with the windows rolled down...oh ya.

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