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2012-06-24 21:50

What's (heavy) on my mind #photoadayjune preK for the twins. Just don't know what to do.

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mine starts tomorrow in a summer program. preschool program starts aug 20th. {tears}

We're trying to decide, too. :(

I almost kept my oldest out of it but we ended up doing it and are so glad. She got extra socialization and early classroom setting which will be helpful instead of adjusting in kindergarten

For me I didn't do it because of the money AND more importantly because I really really enjoy Emma-Kay at home with me. She's such a fun kid. She starts kindergarten in the fall while she's still 4. Crazy huh! Anyways, it's such a hard decision to make. U'll make the right one for ur family. Maybe just do 2 days a week? Or 1 full day? That's the other thing that makes it so hard is all the different combinations they can go during the week.

I did it for my daughter and am starting it soon for my son. My daughter is starting K in August. Im hoping it will make the transition to K much easier for us all. I loved preschool, it's so sweet and wholesome!!! Like K used to be. Good luck with your decision.

Same for us twins will be doing part time preschool in the fall. *sniff*

It is alot of running a round consider the time..

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