Nee #Bebexo - @neebebe

2012-06-19 06:05

Just finished editing the tutorial for this #hairstyle #hair #bebexo

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@neebebe i love ur tutorials. i found this hairstyle beautiful and was inspired to do a little something different. i took a pic on it and its in my account. thank u for being an inspiration and a talented person :) always looking forward to many of ur future creations

Hi @neebebe !!! I've seen ur videos on YouTube!!!!!! U r awesome and I want to request a hairstyle!!!! Plz message me back!!!!!! Thx!

@neebebe sam should do an instagram if she doesn't have an iPhone iPod or iPad she can always do it on the computer and I also love your videos hope you will respond to me @neebebe :-)

Soooo pretty!!

What video editor? Mine sucks. Cant put triple pics:(

I love this one @neebebe

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