Nee #Bebexo - @neebebe

2012-05-29 02:21

Uploaded a #makeup tutorial on #bebexo #eyeshadow #eotd #fotd

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i wanna win that pallet and. the brush plzz let me win i jus started gettin into make up and hardlygot any make up at all plzzi jus love ur videos like thats were i get all my make up i deas but with different colors and hair tutorials plzz plzz plzz

ur a great person and funny hope i could win that giveaway and good luck to all the ppl

@neebebe I just saw the makeup tutorial and Ioved it!!

Ugh I really wanted to try and win but I watched the video to late . Hopefully next time :)

@neebebe tried this out and got loads of compliments!! Of course I gave u all the credit  X

I wish I could be you... :)

Your hair brow is same with my

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