Mowie Kay - @mowiekay

2012-06-27 10:12

Prepping props for today's shoot

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Where can I find plates like that?

@nicole_franzen ha! You should take a closer look at it - years worth of burnt-on grime and food - mmmmmMmm! You just can't buy quality like that in stores =) I get most of my props from the Wimbledon car boot sale - so many amazing props for under £1!

So perfectly neat love it


All of your photos are amazing!!!

@mowiekay I know you get a ton of comments and the chances that you respond to me are slim but I have to ask. Do you do the set up/ arrangement/ design for each shot in addition to taking the photo or do you have someone that helps you with that? And if you do have someone that helps what would that person be called? I really want to get into doing stuff like that.

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