momma_b_3 - @momma_b_3

2012-06-20 20:50


Oh my holy flip flop!!! I may be in heaven!! @ermakaluso @janeeetha

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I am in a fit this is unreal @janeeetha !!!

Wow! How on earth do you choose???

@missle oh man I exercised such self control and ONLY purchased ONE pair for my business partner....her birthday is tomorrow!! I died because I have these puny feet that take size 5 Sanuks and I can never find them!! Such an awesome shop 👍😳!!!

Wow! This is better than the Sanuk store!

Oh Ree you can't believe all the brands they have 😃. @ermakaluso

I live in flip flops too

Where is this shop?

@dwinn12 it's at Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah. I could spend a lot of time and money there 😳

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