momma_b_3 - @momma_b_3

2012-06-13 14:51


Rainy dog day in Costa Rica.....missing the sun 😢

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@ermakaluso yes that it is!! Holly and I were sick in the details needed....still feeling puny 😰. @janeeetha

Oh, no! Hope you feel better!

Sick? Rain? Oh no. Time to curl up with a good book

Puny or puky?

@lasmoothiegirl puny and puky but already rain has stopped and I've been on a shell seeking expedition! Doesn't keep me down too long 😳! Icky way to lose a few pounds 😉 @janeeetha @ermakaluso

Sorry! Feel better! Cute pup! Xoxo

Lol @lasmoothiegirl knows all about the puke tummy bug worm diet

True @janeeetha's the only diet that requires no willpower lol

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