Amy Clark | - @momadvice

2012-06-08 00:05

@jennaepetersen It is contagious! She is such a happy little girl! :)

Do you actually get 100 days in summer? I think we get 70 or so but no idea how to do even 50 things on your list!

@nataliejost I never counted, to be honest! We just make that Pinterest list with 100 options to choose from

@nataliejost Totally up to you if you want to do two or ten! I am trying to do one or two ideas a week :)

Oh sorry, that was mostly tongue in cheek. :) just so many fun options to choose from!

@nataliejost I totally get it, lady! :)

Woodstock all over!

@csencaj Michiana Woodstock! I am kind of worried. She was really shaking it tonight. :)

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