Pamela Castillo - @marketpublique

2012-05-30 01:26

Planning our #madmen finale party at @bkwinery

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@marketpublique, i didn't find any info on your blog, but i'm here! it's a beautiful space.

@kristythinks awesome! See you soon, we're on our way! And the finale is next week, so we'll

@kristythinks we'll

@kristythinks so we'll make an announcement tonight and release tickets tomorrow for the party!

@marketpublique oops! i got the dates wrong, but i RSVPed for next week...& hopefully my costume will be even better. haha

@kristythinks oops! hope you had fun anyway! See you next week!

@marketpublique, i did! can't wait for next week!

@kristythinks me either!!! RSVPs are now open

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