Madame Bonbon 🍸 - @madame_bonbon

2012-06-14 23:51
X-Pro II

Quick coffee stop this morning at my tram stop cafe.

@madame_bonbon Which cafe? I've been picking up coffee from Switchboard Cafe in that arcade for the past few weeks.

Hey @raff66 - Caffe Mediterraneum on the ground. Great coffee and toast 😉

Lovely pic Madame BB. 👌😘

@madame_bonbon I'll give it a try - maybe run into you there.

@raff66 - that would be lovely 😊

@lalucette - merci Lucy 😘

@madame_bonbon I agree :-)

@madame_bonbon my periodontist is on the top floor of that building ... It's so beautiful!!

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