Sonia Life Love and Hiccups - @lifelovehiccups

2012-06-11 03:43

It's the perfect morning for staying in bed!

Perfect arvo too!! Hope you had a fab bday :) xx

I really haven't left the bed the whole weekend. Stay warm beautiful x

We are having a pj day today !! So much for my long run !!!!!

@mumsthewordblog thankyou lovely I did. How bout you? X

@mrskypo the best place to be Hun. Hope you had a great weekend xxx

@kal20m go the pj day - the run can wait! Hope you had a relaxing day lovely xxx

Thanks ! First time in forever we have had a ok day - it was great !!! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend !

Uuurrgghh had a pj day !!!

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