Leslie Ruth - @leslie_ruth

2012-05-30 02:14
X-Pro II

Book club decor. Civil War theme! We read All Other Nights, at my suggestion. I loved it!

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@Chandanielsen come!!! Are u free?

Tonight? I'm at the Rangers game. Would love to.

Are those real photographs? If so, priceless!!

I'm going to have to put that on my to read list!

I'll have to read it, but at the moment I'm admiring your curtains. Are they custom?

@chandanielsen yes, it was tonight. :/ @persimmonandpink ikea! @nettiepete yes, the young soldier is my ancestor and the others are Neal's. Reproductions of old photos.

@leslie_ruth it was such a great night! You pick winners for books every time!!

I wish i were in your book club;)

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