Francesca Gonzales - @lagonzi

2012-06-07 23:52

Bruce Springsteen #iloveyou #springsteenliveMI

#igersitalia #igersintrasfertaMI #milano #sansiro #bruce #brucespringsteen #boss #giugno #iloveyou #fan

@lagonzi Milano! I was just thinking back tonight to the 2003 show and the rain. And Bruce talking to you all in Italian during Growing Up without the TelePrompTer! Have you seen the pics that @lef_iv is posting of each night's view fro

... from the stage? @lef_iv

È stato bellissimo!

@lagonzi and Francesca, I also remember the great meal in the restaurant the night before and that story about Bruce singing Backstreets to that fan's young boy in the swimming pool in Como! What a great story. Do you remember that ?

@jonr10 sure how to forget! ;) have a great story unbelievable stories that I will carry forever in my heart, as my 14 concert in new jersey!!!!!

@jonr10 I had not seen her photos! Thanks!! beautiful! is that of 2003 was a memorable concert in the water! :)

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