2012-05-31 18:57

yes. you SHOULD believe the hype. #traderjoes #cookiebutter #gingerbread #yummy #fattydreams

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I just ordered that off Amazon. Heard its good!

@moxie_mama it really is delicious! hope you like it!!

@kiwilishuz It just got here today. Me and my coworkers are straight up spooning it out! Sooo good!

@moxie_mama yummm! i just ran out! 😭😭😭 lmaooo

How did I miss this?!?!?! Omfg i tell everyone to get this shit. At first people were such naysayers claiming Nutella was better! Lol

@thesusyness lol i been telling everyone too since i first tried this! it's soo good!

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