Karla Archer - @karlaarcher

2012-06-16 05:00

Day 11 of being shampoo free. Braided it for ease today.

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@burciaga *blush* thanks!

@kellytirman i'm using baking soda/water mix to clean and vinegar/honey/water mix to rinse. I'm writing a post on LivingTheLifeFantastic.com on my experience so far... (hopefully going live Monday) But I used @SimpleMom 's post as a reference and a couple other (can't think offhand, but they will be in post, or I can email to you!)

@abombshell every 2-3 days right now. Hoping for 3-4 after I fully transition!

@bradblackman I'm using baking soda and water to wash 😊 (rinsing with vinegar/honey/water mixture)

@molassa what ratio?? Are you rinsing with anything?

@rainydaydiamonds aww thank you! 😊

I use about half a cup baking soda and fill an old dish soap container the rest of the way with warm water. It was trial and error. This mixture lasts 4-5 days. I only rinse with apple cider vinegar every couple of weeks. It makes my hair too greasy if I use it more often. :)

@karlaarcher I look forward to reading the post!

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