Jules - @joyshope

2012-06-06 21:40

Someone isn't on board with my no-sugar-June plan. Rude.

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In the carseat? Aren't you a mess phob? That's frwaking me out :)

@chrissypaige I think she is. She uses her right hand a lot too. It's a mystery.

@lauracase That's hardcore. And awesome.

@totallytheturtle I was so over the edge in may. Out of control and I'm paying for it big time. Sigh...

@mrsmogun @chrissypaige @susanhopper She hates having messy hands or clothes, so she is crazy careful and I'm so thankful.

@siobhanprovolt Sort of. I'm more a food coloring phob. If it was a snow cone I would be FREAKING OUT!!!

Praise the Lord for that!

They say being ambidextrous is a sign of genius...nbd 👍

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