Jon Young - @jonyoungmusic

2012-06-04 19:11
X-Pro II

Triple D swag #bbq #blackwaterbbq #edgewater #orlando #florida

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@jonyoungmusic haha my dude! I'm workin in here now. All the time. Stop in and see ya boy whenever!

@jonyoungmusic. Keep doin ya thang pimp. I'm from fla as well. I fucks wit u hard. No homo shit. #salute fam!

@geezy1227 Preciate that a lot my dude!

All day my dude! U need to come perform up here at levelz in melbourne fl.. lots of people funk to ur music. I put a lot of them on to u. Nuttin but respect this way! Keep doin ya thang n try n make it up here if u can fam. Ill def be in vip showin love! #mad #respect. God bless @jonyoungmusic

Triple D is one of my favorite and Guy are the shit

@jonyoungmusic I've been thinking about growing my beard out should I?

@derrtydirt do it! The #beardgang needs members!

@jonyoungmusic ok I will save this weekend so it will grow in even. #beardgang here I come

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