Jon Young - @jonyoungmusic

2012-06-04 04:08

Everyday is like a car show #pinehills #florida #407 #chevy

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@i_am_me199 lol that body year sucked anyway. Might as well cut it up. Same with the early 2000 impalas.

*2000s @i_am_me199

Lol yeah tru! What ya been into bro? When are u playing with yelawolf?

@i_am_me199 nothin planned with yela at the moment. The show I was supposed to do with him was the first one he cancelled after rupturing his spleen. Other than that just recording when I can & gettin ready for my bad that's due next month.

Nvm I'm retarded, I remember seeing it a while back on ur pics and just scrolled back and seen it was march 3rd haha

*baby that's due next month @i_am_me199

Oh hell yeah bro, congrats! Did u see that pic I tagged u in a few weeks ago. Finally got pro tools!

@jonyoungmusic u aint lying bruh bruh. Im trynna get my whip ready for Classic weekend.

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