Kristin W - @itskristin16

2012-06-25 00:26

@jennipaige02 What?! Small world? Haha! Enjoy! Looking forward to spending some week day time in the city...less crowds? Any recommendations?

Ya missed Huntington!

@thisfreebird I know :( thought of you as I drove past. #savingitfornextime

You have to come back. We have some wicked cocktails right now!!

@thisfreebird done and done! Looking forward to checking it out sooner than later!

Have a blast on the rest of your trip! I know it can be overwhelming bc there's so much to see :)

@itskristin16 It is a small world! I'm here with my rents and kid sister visiting family and doing the touristy type things (safari, zoo, fair, casino, etc). Hoping to check out the Gaslamp Quarter and Ocean Beach before we leave- those two spots seem fun and entertaining! =)

@thisfreebird thanks :)

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