Invisible Children - @invisiblechildren

2012-06-26 23:34

Eric (Staff Accountant) and Kilara at the top of Fort Patiko, Uganda. - BB

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@dusty_boy @jocygomez & @live2ride013 ; it's all true. And sad people are so heartless.

@bernadetteen I know it is. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

@bernadetteen and I'm not heartless. What I'm saying is the factual truth, whether you choose to believe it or not.

@poppyduval oh! So now you know it is true and by pointing out the obvious you mean by saying how people are heartless? @dusty_boy @live2ride013 & @jocygomez ; I think she's got it ;)) thanks Poppy. ❤peace, love and freedom. ✌

@bernadetteen Peace, love and freedom?! Wow, you must be like obsessed with god and Jesus and all that.... Well, good luck, let me know how that shiz works out for you.

Aww thanks; it's going pretty well. And I will!!!! ✌

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