Invisible Children - @invisiblechildren

2012-06-23 18:26

Behind the scenes peek at a video in the works. Channeling our inner @johmel_ . #tarpsurfing

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I've been tarp surfing its so fun but hard hahaha!!! 5Lfor5L!!!!!!

Shoot. My friends are legit.

@ Ai a friend narrated a story from Liberia 2 me where at an impromptu roadblock you could be asked to begin to swim in a puddle, be raped or just shot for kicks by teens with dog's and AK-47; right next door - Sierra Leone - they'd ask "shortsleeve" arm hacked off above the elbow, or "longsleeve" @ the wrist; again by a "kid"

Meant "RPG's & AK-47's, major supplier of these arms (see film: The Lord of War) Victor Bout just pulled a long sentence as did Charles Taylor

Again useful for stopping a war lord in Africa, if your gonna promise something, don't then start tarp surfing........

You're not very invisible

There talking about the Ugandan children being forced into an army at 8. Those are the invisible people @matthewhopwood

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