Manda Schoeman - @incameralove

2012-05-22 18:02

Can I do this??? #portuguese

Y do u want to learn portuguese?? (Sorry id. There's some wrong word, it's because I'm from Brazil (I speak Portuguese Hahah

@aninhamartins_ don't worry english is my second #language also. I always wanted to learn a third language and decided on portuguese...

#portugal #brazil #mozambique #purple #book #study #iphone4s #southafrica

Ooh nicee :). What is ur first language?

@aninhamartins_ it's Afrikaans. It's a bit of a mix between dutch and german and a few other languages

Hahah, Never heard about this language . It's seems to me that is Very cool

@aninhamartins_ dit is! :)

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