19125er - @19125er

2014-06-11 04:41

Couple arrested on beach for having sex... 1) she should her 25 to life for wearing that bikini 2) I bet those rent-a-cops are virgins #jerseyshore #nj #seaisle #seaislecity #whitetrash

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@bianca_adorno1202 😂😂😂😂 sea isle **

You would never see that in LBI

100% correct. I'm an LBI guy #classy @laurenc62

@a2them318 @jay_bird0608 @randyg17 @jazze18 @jerrygoldstein @gg10181 @caralyn31 @ando519 woooooooooo hoooooooo

She needs a sleeping bag

@mimi_n_blake I dont even wanna go no more 😂😂😂

Stealing my pic...smdh

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