Jessica Merchant - @howsweeteats

2012-01-24 02:25

Is this like Biscoff but better? If that's even possible!!

I have like 2 tbs left that I am scared to eat until I get more.

Love that stuff. Someone posted a pic of a filled dark choc bar! Scared to go find it, scared not to find it! ;)

I am regretting giving these as Christmas gifts. Whops, yes I said that outloud. Selfish cookie butter lover.

They told me it was only a seasonal item after I had polished off my only jar. Currently going through withdrawl symptoms. Would anyone agree that biscoff spread is a worthy substitution?

Crap I knew I forgot something when I went to Trader Joes

Omg how is it possible that I never saw this :-( !?!

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