Dude Perfect - @dudeperfect

2013-11-17 18:24
X-Pro II

NEW VIDEO TOMORROW MORNING!! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to #DudePerfect on YouTube! IT'S FREE!! COMMENT who you are most excited to see: #MrExcuses #TheNoob #MrCreateAPlayer #TheRageMonster

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Dear Dude Perfect, I have subscribed to you guys since day one, I would very much appreciate if you guys made a Stereotypes: Table Tennis video😀 With the rage monster, make him flip the table and throw the bat at the wall and run outside like a maniac. 🏀😉



@lukebears_34 #thepowerbuttonpusher 😂

@dudeperfect do stereotypes hockey

this video describes me but u missed the mr ultimate team cause thts me

Was that a real TV? @dudeperfect


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