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2013-08-22 23:18

Miss Jolie in her TOT Collar. Last go with PT for her torticollis is next month.. Nearly no 'tilt' left! #torticollis #totcollar #joliegrace #missingthem

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@ambreamcg they caught it early with Eliza! I guess we were about 2 months when we started PT, also.. at 8 months we ordered to collar after we have done everything with PT we could do, and she's 'cured' for the most part.. Just has the tilt still- and it's more of a habit we need to break which the collar is a good reminder. She wears it about 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Thanks for the info! I hope Eliza does as well as Jolie!!

@ambreamcg SURE! I did a blog post recently of our experience with PT and Jolie's Tort.. Link in profile 😊

My daughter has torticollis and she has this tot collar, did it help yours? @masseya

@kitkaaat15 YES- tremendously. She was 'cured' of the tort, but continued to have a slight tilt that got worse when she was sleepy. It was a habit that we had to break. After she graduated at 10 months old, we continued to collar until just after her first birthday.. 4-5 times a day for about 30-45 minutes at a time. PT offered this as just an 'option' for us to go this route, and I'm thankful we did.

Hi there, can I ask you a question? Was the tilt suddenly increase when she start walking? It happened now to my daughter and she is now frequently use the tot collar due to rashes..

@aisyah_nurzara it actually got better when she gained strength in her core well enough to walk. She gained full range of motion through therapy, but still had the tilt out of habit. We wore the tot collar for 2-3 months (3-4 times a day for 30 minutes to an hour each time) and it helped tremendously.

Tq soo much for the info @masseya.. Hoping my daughter will improve much better when she get to balance her walking then. Again, thanks for the sharing 😊✌..

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