Tania Braukamper - @taniabraukamper

2013-08-22 14:46

Whipping up some jars of my #cleaneating imposter #cheesecake for @giangc and I. Pecans, cottage cheese, agave, cocoa and almond milk blended, served with #blueberries. #cleanrecipes #healthy #healthydesserts #dessert #recipe #food #notquitecheesecake

Oh I might well be in soho tomorrow @paulewart - I'll message you! ☺

Yay! ‪+44 7813 839789‬

@paulewart I texted that number this afternoon when I was in Soho and I have a reply from someone saying its the wrong number! :O

Hey lovely! I think I got the wrong number! How about Tuesday pm? tel:07922857306

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