Fashion Week - @fashion_week

2013-08-21 12:24

#NYC is getting its biannual makeover #MBFW #Spring2014 #fashion #runway #heaven

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Omg thank you sooo much 😘 @gabrielleriegel

absolutely no problem! if they recruit you, your agent may want you to do fashion week. good luck!😊 @_vivalasarah

Will be there!!! Love, Andrea

I'm dying to be in this

#repost @ebaby702 we will be there!!!!!

I don't get it...if Aus. is going into spring, shouldn't the U.S be going into Autumn?...

@wethefreespirited yes, US is going into Autumn but @mbfashionweek shows styles for next season so this one is for #SPRING2014 💜

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