Tania Braukamper - @taniabraukamper

2013-08-06 12:46

Rainy skies in #Melbourne, waiting for friends. | #stpauls #flindersstreet #city #church #cathedral #tram #street

Wow that's awesome you're here in Melbourne! Hope to meet you one day along with Daniel @fashionising! I idolize you both in the fashion industry :) xx

So sweet @seyi_rania - hopefully soon 😊

I leave soon @seyi_rania, it's been a bit of a whirlwind... Hopefully next time! And thank you for the kind compliment ☺

Naww no worries guys! Come back to Melbourne again soon and look forward to your tweets and.pics wherever you are in the world :) xx @fashionising @taniabraukamper

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