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2013-07-03 09:03

I'm leaning on the lamp post at the corner of the street, in case a certain little lady comes by 🎵 | #pfw #parisfashionweek #ootd @reissfashion @jcrew #hautecouture #paris #travel #ootd #jcrew

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@fashionising i love your style

Thanks @alexxandre91 👍

@alfahedsalem ما يشبه خميس ؟!!

@puerlife ههههههه والله في ملامح منه

@alfahedsalem hhhhhh

@ad_697 مب كأنه يشبهك ؟

@puerlife 😄😂 لا مستحيل .. حرام بروح انتحر

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