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2013-05-07 01:38
X-Pro II

@TaylorSwift, pop star goes punk in @j_mendel at the #METGala #redcarpet

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How is this inn any way punk??? #confused

Not punk at all. Only difference is heavy eye makeup, no red lip, & teased hair. #disappointed

@whoneedspink well c'mon. no matter the theme of the event, their still celebrities; which means they still have a reputation to uphold..they aren't going to show up all "punked" out and everything like an average person would be bold enough to do so. They can't go too far with the punk idea..

@missdw_love Understood, but Glam Punk was the theme. Look at SJP & Anne Hathaway... They put their spin on it as well, but still delivered. Taylor is SO young, she def could have had a lot more fun! Her look was pretty stale.

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