Stephanie Hua - @stephhua

2013-01-08 08:36

Soup du Jour: potato leek, lettuce pea mint, curry spiced carrot velouté w/lime, four onion, & roasted garlic #sfcookingschool #day3

Yum! I can't read soup du jour without thinking of beauty and the beast lol. :)

I can't see soup du jour without thinking of dumb & dumber. Ha

@tracyshutterbean lol me too! Heyyyy Flo 😝

@livingthescream there's something there that wasn't there before 🎶

Wonderful color palette!

Thx @bmdorfman ! Come to think of it, the green, orange, browns reminds me of retro flower patterned wallpaper my patents had in kitchen growing up!

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