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2012-11-15 19:20

Okay. I'm not always PC about everything (and actually think we go overboard at times in this country) But I'm just gonna open a can of worms here and gather your input. Owen and his school buddies dressed like Native Americans for the Thanksgiving feast today. My first thought was, cute!...but then i wondered, is that wrong/bad? Why aren't they dressed like pilgrims? But then why should they be pilgrims? Many people in our country are from Native American decent. Its part of out nation's history. And plus, their decorations are way more cool than black and white. So, are "people" offended by this? Or am i being oversensitive for no reason? Did you hear that Victoria Secret had to pull an outfit from the runway this week because the model was wearing a feather headress? Perhaps its the movement of PC speech that has me thinking I should be offended for others who might be offended? When really, i just think they look stinking cute. What do you think? And please let's be respectful and kind in our discussion. I'm really curious here....

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I'm actually doing a thesis on Native American Day of Morning as an alternative day of giving thanks. This conversation has sparked quite a bit of taboo on my campus. I think it is important that we remember and pay tribute to all that participated in the creation of the thanksgiving holiday. I educate my children about history outside of the realms they learn in school. I think the costumes are adorable as long as the kids understand why they are part of the celebration.

@funnyva1entine I was reading a bit about this subject last night, and it sounds like part of the concern is how Native American culture/craft has become such a trend. Trends are passing and disposable, and I'm sure that doesn't feel too great for those for whom this is not just a fad but cultural...traditions passes down through their heritage. With that said, I do personally still find so much beauty in Native American culture, but if that is offensive than I feel it is better for me to keep that to myself...rather than upset anyone. :-/

@creaturecomforts I never thought about it that way. That's a good point. Thanks Ez @funnyva1entine

Honestly, no one is mocking either culture. We are celebrating. My daughter was a NA for Halloween because she loves Pocahontas. Is that wrong? I feel like people are so quick to be offended these days. Can't we all just get along?

You are absolutely fine making/wearing something that is creative and cultural enhancing. Your honoring the native Americans by doing something so special.

@danamadeit hehe, remember that lace teepee DIY? Elsie had to warn me there may be rude comments but there was only one she allowed to publish b/c it was polite and constructive. Having a fascination with elements of any unfamiliar culture is normal and I agree that it's about intent as are most things. I think being sensitive to the issues is important but I also think there's some room there to celebrate and enjoy certain elements when it's done respectfully. We have Choctaw in our family and have always been intrigued with the history of certain tribes. I think these photos of the kids is a fun way for them to learn a little more. Great convo going on here!

I appreciate that you're self-reflective about this topic, as so few bloggers are. I'd love for you to check out nativeappropriations.blogspot.com (I'm unaffiliated

oops, shoot. I'm unaffiliated with that site, just think it's a really great resource for those trying to understand the problems with native appropriations.

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