Anna Dorfman - @doorsixteen

2012-10-28 19:00
X-Pro II

Hoping the carousel won't be damaged by storm surges...

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Are there storm gates or something? Plywood? That would be so sad! (I'm totally selfish, of course: I haven't even seen it yet!)

@luminarja Well the glass enclosure around it is really thick. It's more water damage from flooding that I'm worried about than the wind doing anything.

@luminarja p.s. You need to come visit me and see the carousel! It's so beautiful.

@luminarja I mean if it's still there in a few days. Ugh.

@doorsixteen I hope it's okay! It's on sort of a mound, rather than a low-lying area, right? (I might just be making that up.) Let's go there when we have our belated bday meal at Rice soon!!!

@luminarja Yeah, it's on a platform that's a few feet higher than the boardwalk.Oh, and RICE IS GONE.

@doorsixteen I'm about to puke. And cry. At the same time.

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