Kimberley Hasselbrink - @kimberleyhasselbrink

2012-10-04 19:14

Thrilling news! I am working on a cookbook with Ten Speed Press. Slated for Spring 2014 release. More about it (and this cake) here:

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yeah girl! double hi5! i cant wait to see it...on my shelf!


You've come so far since we first met, but I knew you were going places the first time I laid eyes on your beautiful work!

@cannellevanille Thank you, Aran!

@mikevfmk beautiful news indeed! Thank you.

@gourmette @sunshineandsmile @laurenelisecrafted Thank you thank you! I'm pleased as punch.

@lbm you are the sweetest. You've been such a wonderful part of my successes and I can't wait to share the fruits of recipe testing with you.

great gallery of photos. love all of them!

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