Courtney Whitmore - @pizzazzerie

2012-08-21 03:46

Macaron jewelry/ring holder...I die! Thank you @ddarlingevents and @waitingonmartha

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@bakerella that's no problem! I'll email you tomorrow all of the details! xo

@waitingonmartha thanks! And thanks @pizzazzerie forgot the pic. Sorry for jumping in like this on your comments, but these have been hard to find.

Wooooow!!! Esta hermosoo @destellos

@bakerella you know I don't care! Gotta find those cuties when you can!

@bakerella just emailed you via the email on your site. Thanks @pizzazzerie for sharing the macarons! xoxo

so flippin' adorable!

So adorable can you say foodie proposal?

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